Learn How Birthing Can Be A Beautiful, Peaceful Experience As Nature Intended.


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(Five 2 ½ Hour Classes for Moms and Birth Support Partners)
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 “This is the way all babies should come into the world.
It’s beautiful.” — Obstetrical Nurse

About HypnoBirthing®

The HypnoBirthing childbirth method was created by Marie Mongan and is based on the work of obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read. It is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a more rewarding, relaxing and stress-free method of birthing.

Giving birth by conditioning the mind and body using proven hypnotic techniques is becoming more widespread everyday as more women and physicians become aware of the success using this method. HypnoBirthing teaches you, along with your birthing companion, how to release fear and tension. With the release of fear and tension, you learn that a relaxed body greatly reduces and in many cases can eliminate sensations of pain.

You will be fascinated as you view HypnoBirthing films showing laboring mothers, awake, alert and in good humor as they experience the kind of gentle birth that you, too, can know when you are free of fear. HypnoBirthing teaches you to release all prior negative programming about birth, how to trust your body and work with it. Mother and baby learn how to work in perfect harmony and balance for a more relaxed and joyful birthing experience.

Mothers and birth companions learn hypnotherapeutic techniques of guided imagery and visualization as well as special methods of breathing for profound relaxation, awareness and control.


You Will Learn 

  • Specific relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to build your confidence, calm and comfort.
  • How your body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature throughout the birthing process.
  • How to release any concern, or tension and replace it with relaxation and control.
  • How to produce and sustain your body’s own natural anesthesia.
  • Three breathing techniques that produce a shorter, more comfortable labor while reducing fatigue.
  • The most comfortable positions for birthing.
  • A technique that naturally releases endorphins, reducing sensations of pain and calming your emotions.
  • How to gently and safely encourage the birth of your baby if you should go over your due date.
  • That birthing can be a beautiful, peaceful experience for you and your baby just as nature intended.
  • You will learn much, much more….

You Will Receive


  • The HypnoBirthing® book
  • Audio CDs
  • Companion’s Prompt Card of pre- and in hospital instructions
  • Personal attention and much more

A Few Testimonials from HypnoBirthing® Couples

Dear Dianne,

Even before Chris and I started seeing you, I liked everything I heard and read about HypnoBirthing®. However, I had doubts that I could learn the technique in only four (she birthed before the last class) sessions. I enjoyed the sessions very much not only because I felt I was learning but also because I felt that you cared. You were also excellent at helping me develop confidence in my natural birthing abilities as well as helping me get rid of my fears. Every visit with you made me feel more confident, calm and positive about the birthing of our child as well as myself as a parent and a person.

The funny part is that I gave birth before we even had a chance to take our last session with you. This was my first child and I expected that my labor would start past my due date. To my surprise, my labor started two and a half weeks early. I was in active labor for 14 hours total, 12 of which I spent at home. Two hours after we arrived in the hospital I had our son in my hands. Although I had never given birth before, I felt confident and calm. I listened to the relaxation tapes and did the breathing you taught me. I had the birthing experience I had hoped for; natural and peaceful.

A few times during labor when I lost my focus for a moment, I realized how powerful what I learned from you was. I realized how confusing and awful my experience could have been had I not learned to trust my body and had I not used the relaxation techniques you taught us.

I also want to thank you for the coaching you gave me over the phone when I was in the middle of my labor. You called to confirm our cancellation of our last session, which was supposed to take place the next day. I appreciated that you took the time to give me another caring reminder of the essential things to do to stay relaxed. I really appreciated that you took genuine care and did not cut anything short, quite the opposite, you always took an extra step to give us as much help as possible.

There is no question in my mind that it was largely because of our sessions with you I had a wonderful birthing experience. We will recommend the HypnoBirthing method and your excellent services to any of our friends who are expecting a child.

With love and gratitude,
Biliana Stremska, Chris Andrews and our son Jesse Stremska-Andrews

Pregnant Woman with OmThere’s No Place Like H…OM…E!

“The birth experience was truly amazing and miraculous… I listened to your CD throughout and several nurses noted how peaceful and nice it was to be in our room. The atmosphere in the room was really lovely.”— J.D.

“I was very scared about the idea of birthing and about the medical system and hospitals in general. These exercises have taught me how to calm my mind and body. I have been able to work through my fears to a point where I am looking forward to the birth of my child with excitement. I come away from every session feeling very happy. Practicing at home has enabled me to bring this calm feeling to my everyday life, and my husband and I feel closer as we help each other prepare for birth.”— D.M.

“This HypnoBirthing experience was wonderful. It not only enhanced our positive pregnancy experience but also served as couples therapy. Dianne definitely provided a safe, peaceful, spiritual place for us during a very hectic time in our lives. Thank you!”— M.S.

“The value I have received is immeasurable. This class has helped to change my views on the birthing experience as well as on my ability to manage my stress. I know what you have given me will be used for so much: stress control, managing emotions, communicating and self-confidence. This has been a wonderful experience for me.”— M.H.

NewBabyPic2“Babies are a link between angels and man.” — unknown

“HypnoBirthing gave me a most priceless gift – a childbirth experience that was free of fear.”

“Nothing can describe the beauty of our birthing experience with HypnoBirthing. I never dreamed after having two children with another method that I could have so easy a labor.”

“I’m a labor and delivery nurse. I work in the field of Obstetrics everyday. I can hardly believe my eyes as I watch HypnoBirthing mothers in labor. It’s amazing.”

“I kept telling myself all I would feel is pressure – and it works. That’s all I did feel. What a difference from my first labor.”

“…I was relaxed and comfortable all the way. It was wonderful.”

“The value I have received: “A forum to talk through my fears and a way to manage and resolve them.”

“An opportunity to hear my husband talk through his concerns, hopes etc. with prompting from someone other than me so I hear different things.”

“Generally a more confident, calm outlook on the labor/delivery process; I am ready for this and it is all going to be wonderful!”

“Specific tools for making labor easier, mentally, physically and in terms of how I work with my husband/supporter.”

“Having these helps reinforce the confidence.”

“Doing the practices at home and especially here (in the class) has been very relaxing.”

“A quiet, calm, safe, encouraging and positive environment for learning.”

“I’ve learned that a relaxed body greatly reduces and in many cases can eliminate sensations of pain.”


lotusRowDear Parents — The Future is in Your Hands


Children Learn What They Live

“If a child lives with criticism… he learns to condemn.
If he lives with hostility… he learns to fight.
If he lives with ridicule… he learns to be shy.
If he lives with shame… he learns to be guilty.
If he lives with tolerance… he learns confidence.
If he lives with praise… he learns to appreciate.”
—Dorothy Nolte

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” —Peggy O’Mara

“Be a voice of strength, resilience, self-worth and love.
Let them know that they are unique and that fact alone makes them wonderful and precious.
Be a voice that tells them they can do anything, go anywhere, be amazing.
Be a voice that tells them they are special and that thy have something wonderful to offer the world.
Be a voice that tells them they are safe and they are loved.”