I’m Creating Success Now

I'm Creating Success Now

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I’m Creating Success Now is about using very powerful self-hypnosis techniques, along with embedded indirect and direct suggestions in such a way as to instill positive affirmations within the subconscious mind in order to create career advancement for professionals within the healing service community. The peaceful background sounds of nature become your post hypnotic suggestion, your cue to remembering the essence of these suggestions, as they are becoming the catalyst for making positive changes in your career and in your life.

The Conscious Mind is the level of mind that we use when going about our daily routine. At this level of mind is a small analytical voice that’s always in the background speaking to us. It’s judging what’s being said, and noticing what’s going on around us, remembering something or projecting into the future. It’s always thinking, analyzing and giving us either positive or negative feedback.

The Subconscious Mind is like a computer that really doesn’t care what you’re inputting and recording. It cannot rationalize or think. Similar information gravitates toward itself and forms a belief. Your belief system is formed by a combination of all that has been recorded. That which has been your focus, positive or negative, becomes your life.

Once this concept is understood, it becomes of the utmost importance to be mindful of the thoughts we think and the words we say as this is producing our present and future reality.

Our subconscious cannot distinguish between thoughts that are created by external events (reality) or imaginary events. So, if we merely imagine that — “I’m filled with confidence!” our subconscious will accept that as true. And when repeated often enough, our behavior will change. That is, we will become the person we imagine our self to be. This repetition of positive affirmations can, without a doubt, be life changing

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I'm Creating Success Now

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