I’m Smoke Free and Loving It


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This easy to follow booklet covers everything needed to become smoke free. It’s full of information, suggestions, tips, secrets, ideas, and a miraculous technique that reduces and can even eliminate desires and cravings. Learn about all of the health benefits of finally becoming smoke free.

“I personally smoked for approximately 20 years. It’s now been about 30 years since I became smoke free. I understand the smoking habit and have experienced what it takes to break that habit. Do yourself a favor and become smoke free. Your body will be grateful, and shows it by becoming healthier!” —Dianne Kathryn Short

“Dianne is a magician with the power of suggestion. She says… ‘The urges will pass like a bird flying overhead – to be noticed and then quickly forgotten. That’s just how it is! She helps you have confidence in yourself that you can quit, and she refuses to let you play games with yourself.

Dianne’s CD has made this otherwise very difficult process a relatively painless one and I am so thankful. I have two kids and a husband and could no longer justify my obnoxious habit. I’m sure that you will help many, many more re-discover their ‘smoke-free’ selves.” —Tina O’Grady

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