Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Using Self-Hypnosis


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This CD/mp3 is adapted from the 12 Step Program, and encourages recovery from addiction for either alcohol or drugs, and is to be used along with your current rehabilitation program.

Some addicts leaving treatment feel overconfident of their ability to stay clean on their own. It’s not unusual for addicts to develop a false sense of security in the structured environment of treatment.

Thinking that “I don’t need anyone’s help” often leads to a relapse, a return to active addiction. We all need support and encouragement. Most who are successful with recovery remain in a program with regular meetings in order to maintain their focus on recovery.

Although addiction is a disease you’re not responsible for, you are responsible for your own recovery and must ultimately assume the responsibility for taking the necessary actions.

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light is to be used as a supplement along with your regular meetings and provides encouragement, reinforces determination and continues to focus the mind on positive affirmations all of which are necessary for your positive outcome.

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