Post Surgery Healing


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The subconscious mind is like a giant container and its job is to record everything. It doesn’t care what’s being recorded. It doesn’t analyze. It cannot differentiate what’s ‘real’ from what’s ‘imagined’. It simply records and accepts. This means that everything you think, hear, say, and feel, has been and is being recorded. This information forms your belief system and MUST produce for you what has been recorded; that which has been your focus, positive or negative.

In Post Surgery Healing the powerful subconscious mind is given positive healing suggestions to help the body recover after surgery. The body is directed toward a complete healing, mending and repairing. All parts are instructed to work together as a Divine unit to facilitate the healing process and neutralize any negativity.

“After two cancer surgeries, I listened each day, and always felt comforted, and supported. I replaced fear with healing.” —L.B.

“Post Surgery Healing made me feel like I had an army of support helping me to get better! I wasn’t alone.” —C. E

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