Reduce and Eliminate Pain

Using Secrets of Hypnosis


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There is a place in the spinal cord near the brain stem where all the nerves come together at the base of the neck, a neurological “gate”. This place is called the Pain Gate.

The Pain Gate is in charge of and controls all the messages that are sent from the brain, past the sensory gate in the brain stem, to all of the nerves in your body. The Pain gate has a switch with an off/on position. Hypnosis has proven to be effective in blocking pain by flipping the switch to off and closing this Gate.

This CD/mp3 makes use of the body’s own natural anesthesia to reduce painful areas, as well as to flip the Pain Gate Control switch to off. You’re also led to the center of your subconscious mind where there is a control panel for all bodily functions including emotions. Here you are directed to set all controls to balance.

After being bitten on the thumb by a horse, while feeding him a carrot, a beautiful young lady lost her thumbnail and was in serious pain. This exercise was able to eliminate the pain. She was extremely grateful!

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