Reduce Stress Naturally

with Self Hypnosis


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Some stress is useful. It can be motivating and cause us to direct our attention in positive ways. Too much prolonged stress can have a negative affect on your body, thoughts, feelings and behavior. It’s a contributing factor in health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and various other aches, pains and illnesses. It can cause confusion, feeling of hopelessness and can lead to depression.

There are several ways to release stress and improve your health; exercising, quieting your mind by meditation, taking time to be still, spending time in nature, and my personal favorite…listening to this CD/mp3.

Reduce Stress Naturally focuses on releasing tension in your body and mind. It includes the Breath of Awareness for releasing stress. A portion of this exercise is devoted to releasing specific stressors that may have been building up in your life. You’re guided to release limitations and you’re encouraged to remove stress that’s blocking your best and most positive future. All of this leads to improved health and deep relaxation.

Reduce Stress Naturally feels like a personal letter from my Higher Self that speaks directly to me. I become totally and comfortably relaxed. A weight is lifted from me. I’m at peace and relieved that the pressure I was feeling is gone.”— J.B.

“It was such an amazing feeling as I noticed my body relaxing deeply. I didn’t realize how tight I had been. It’s very powerful! I’m now choosing to be relaxed and it’s working for me.” —C.P.

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