Relief from Pain


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In this wonderful visualization exercise, you learn a quick and easy way to make use of the phenomenal power of your mind to affect a change in your body.

You’re gently guided to identify the pain in a particular way, then to transform its shape and quality several times. Each time the description of pain changes, the intensity also changes and becomes less and less. This process continues until you reach a point of deep relaxation, and freedom from the discomfort. This amazingly simple and effective process is called, “Symptom Duplication Technique”.

Once this technique is mastered, it can be easily used anytime there is pain. It’s simple, easy to do and very effective.

“…The pain in my shoulder (both shoulders) is tendonitis. I listen and experience the CD (Relief from Pain) each morning. I find that I’m learning the process better for use with clients and, it’s helping me work ‘pain-free’ at the computer!” —P.D.G.

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