Resting in Comfort and Peace



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This CD/mp3 is useful for anyone at any stage of life that’s spiritual and would like to merge with The Unconditional Loving Light of a Holy Essence. This is a reminder that there is a Powerful Force greater than ourself and that resting within the comfort of this Force is rejuvenating and can bring balance and healing to life’s complex issues.

Resting in Comfort and Peace was also created to be especially comforting for anyone in the process of transition, passing from this life into the next. As well… it provides a loving and useful way for family members to support and assist their loved ones toward a gentle, loving passing.

No matter what religion or spiritual belief you embrace, merging and transferring consciousness with this Presence brings relief and peace. This healing Presence fills the heart and soul with love and light. Blending and merging into the wisdom mind of this Enlightened Presence is profoundly comforting.

“I received the CD, Resting in Comfort and Peace and it is really working for my sleep disorder. Thank you so much!” —B.M.

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