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Self-Healing was originally created for my father who had been given a prognosis of only 3 months to live. His doctor, a famous doctor at Stanford, had told him to focus on an onion and to put the illness in the onion, peal away the layers of the onion and the illness along with it. My father was, of course, still in shock and I could tell he had no concept of what the doctor was saying.

When I heard what the doctor said, I had an idea of how to help my father. I created my first healing tape for my father. In those days we had tapes and no CDs.

As soon as it was complete, I handed my father the tape. All it had on it was a handwritten note that said Self-Healing. He and I had a history of trading tapes with each other. At that time, he had no idea it was me on the tape.

It took my father several days to finally listen; still having no idea it was my voice and my concept of healing. After several minutes of listening, he was beginning to understand the importance of the mind/body connection and how the mind can actually help the physical body to change for the better. This awareness gave him hope and brought him to tears. Then… he recognized the voice as mine.

My father had recognized the potential of his mind to redirect his body toward healing. He lived 17 plus more years until he was 86 years old. The doctors were amazed!

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