Soul’s Comfort

Gentle Water, Singing Birds, Subtle Wind Chimes


Listen to a Short Sample


Soul’s Comfort with its gentle sounds of nature is a special CD/mp3 created for the purpose of professional use. It’s sold with a copyright release included and may be freely used to create an environmental background for:

Audio/Video Tapes/Compact Discs, mp3s, Advertisements, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Any Office/Waiting Room, Home and Any Place Where Healing & Relaxation is Desired

“I use Soul’s Comfort as a gentle, subliminal, and peaceful background sound with most all of my clients. During everyday living, these soothing, healing sounds of nature become a powerful cue (an anchor or subconscious reminder) that reinforces the good work we do in our sessions.” – Dianne Kathryn Short

“Soul’s Comfort has been used in my waiting room to calm my patients prior to their appointment. It’s perfect for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity.” —Maria Rivero, M.D.

“I was mesmerized by the beautiful sounds of nature and was transported outside of myself.” —Dorothy Cichon

“…It’s soothing to my body as well as my soul. I feel like it’s lowering my blood pressure…it does all those calming things.” —Sheila Bishop

CD Format: $34.95
mp3 Format: $30.00


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