Thank you!

DKS-ForwardThank you so much for your purchase!
It is my sincere prayer that you receive the healing and comfort you’re looking for.

While listening, and in order to receive maximum benefit:

  • Remove any distractions.
  • Get as comfortable as possible and close your eyes.
  • Do your best to ‘experience and vivify’ what you’re hearing.
  • If your mind wonders, gently return to what is being said and continue.
  • Listen for 30 consecutive days or longer, even several times a day if you like, until the desired change is noticed and becomes incorporated.
  • After the 30 days, you may want to reinforce by listening as needed occasionally to maintain and strengthen the healing.
  • It’s fine to drift off to sleep. The subconscious mind is still recording and interpreting the messages even when sleeping.

Never listen in a moving vehicle or when relaxation is not appropriate!

Wishing you health and happiness,
Dianne Kathryn Short


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