The Way Out is Through

A Guided Journey to the Other Side of Pain


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This is a very relaxing CD/mp3 that provides your imagination with step-by-step imagery toward positively affecting your mind/body connection.

It’s very useful for those who are unable to dissociate from the experience of pain. This exercise makes use of the feeling of pain that seems undeniable and incorporates that into your healing.

The Way Out is Through makes use of focusing on the area of discomfort long enough to redefine the experience. At that point, you’re guided to move all the way through the tiniest core center of the pain, and out onto the other side. Once through the pain, you discover that you can leave it far behind as you drift light and free into quiet, comfortable relief.

“I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme (bacterial infection transmitted by a tick). It manifests as rheumatoid arthritis in the way that it affects my joints. I put that (The Way Out is Through) on and haven’t listened to the whole thing because I fall asleep halfway through. When I wake up…oh my God, it’s a whole different body! The improvements are pretty consistent too. In some joints is more of a range of motion, and definitely in just about all of them, there’s less pain.” —S.W.

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