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WayOutSThroughThe Way Out is Through

This is a very relaxing mp3 that provides your imagination with step-by-step imagery toward positively affecting your mind/body connection.

It’s very useful for those who are unable to dissociate from the experience of pain. This exercise makes use of the feeling of pain that seems undeniable and incorporates that into your healing.

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CreatingSuccessNowI’m Creating Success Now

I’m Creating Success Now is about using very powerful self-hypnosis techniques, along with embedded indirect and direct suggestions in such a way as to instill positive affirmations within the subconscious mind in order to create career advancement for professionals within the healing service community. The peaceful background sounds of nature become your post hypnotic suggestion, your cue to remembering the essence of these suggestions, as they are becoming the catalyst for making positive changes in your career and in your life.

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